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The idea and concept behind Ninety-Nine Bistro & Kitchen arose from reflecting on the significance behind the number '99'. In Islam, 99 represent the number of the respectable and beautiful names of Allah and also known as "Asma ul Husna". At the same time, it can also be found on the palm of our hands. The Arabic numerals 18 and 81 appear on right and left palm, thus portraying our pair of hands as embodying the symbolic numeral 99. Seeing how our hands make up an important part of our daily lives, it shouldn't be ignored. We use our hands for many different things in our day to day activities. In the world of culinary, clean and sanitized hands are most essential while preparing and handling food in the kitchen. In this same breadth, we note how it is one chef's artistic handling of food that influences the taste and plating of food with creativeness. The sheer importance behind the numeral 99 and the links we draw from it led to the creation of the concept behind Ninety Nine Bistro & Kitchen.

Core Values

The following values guide us the way we do our work, make decisions, and deal with stake holders' and society at large. We base our core values by utilise the acronym Q.U.R.A.N

Quality: We believe in setting and achieving clear standards of quality at every step from, assessing quality ingredients and food preparation to serving quality food. Our core aim is to enhance the quality of consumer's lives by offering wholesome and quality food and beverage choices.

Uncompromising on Standards - Customer Service & Food Hygiene: We commit ourselves by providing quality customer service and by ensuring our food products adhere to a strict hygiene standard.

Respect: We treat each other with respect and dignity to promote a conducive work culture for our diverse team members.

Accountability: We strongly believe in holding our selves accountable in all our business practices, with the society and the environment through our eco-friendly operation.

Nurturing: We believe in total development of our team members through nurturing talent by providing equal opportunities for all.

Our Philosophy

Food that is prepared with devotion is an expression of love. A well-prepared wholesome dish not only provides sustenance, it also strengthens bonds between people. Our appreciation for gourmet food and the joy of sharing the exquisite flavours of food is the reason why Ninety Nine F&B Pte Ltd has been set up to provide revitalizing halal dining experience in Singapore.

Our Vision

To become one of the leading chain of casual dining eateries, bakeries and caterers in Singapore by 2020 serving wholesome gourmet halal foods.

Our Mission

Revitalizing and serving wholesome halal foods that are authentic and appetizing which will leave our customers' with a memorable dining experience.

Bistro Enterance

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) - Self Service Concept

Say goodbye to long queues and waiting time during peak lunch hours. Simply pick from a wide range of freshly made beverages and packed food from our well-stocked self-service fridges and shelves. You can also pre-order savories and sweets from our kitchen. Our Point-of-Sale (POS) System will have your bill ready prior to the pick-up time.


We strive to meet your tea break and buffet lunch requirements during every training session, seminars, or other events. Ninety-Nine collaborates with LLI to provide you a premier, fully equipped meeting venue. Ninety-Nine is Halal certified.

Our Concept


Bistro Enternce

Whether you are just grabbing a coffee in-between work or need a meeting space, Ninety-Nine provides a dynamic dining option for all. It is a one of a kind casual dining restaurant with a perfect mix of grab-and-go counter service and sit-down dining service. Much like a grocer's store, the restaurant has plenty of food on display for diners to grab and pay over the counter. Ninety-Nine (Bistro + Kitchen) is a modern day halal casual bistro serving Asian and Continental delights.


Bistro Kitchen

Although there in an increased percentage of awareness and adoption of Halal dining and catering options, not many organisations are equipped to train and educate learners on Halal food and beverages. Ninety-Nine Lab Kitchen is the first Halal culinary kitchen in Singapore. The Kitchen provides an environment conducive for learners to innovate and create novel ideas that will help them in the path of entrepreneurship. By creating professionals and entrepreneurs in Singapore, Ninety-Nine boosts the potential of the global Halal market.

Energy Efficient Facilities

Ninety-nine (Kitchen + Bistro) uses only energy efficient and energy saving fixtures. Our production kitchen, training kitchen and workspaces uses energy efficient T5 Light fittings, while our diners use compact fluorescent lightings. Our operation team follows strict energy-saving guidelines like recycling and recovering the water and energy used in the kitchen, and switching off the ventilation system when there is no cooking taking place.


In the catering industry, the large consumption of disposable wares is inevitable. However, taking a conscious effort to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste, Ninety-Nine makes use of only biodegradable disposable wares such as those made of cornstarch. We eliminate the usage of plastics in our services.

Quality Air and Water

Ninety-Nine (Kitchen + Bistro) not only gives back to the environment, we also care for our employees and diners. We have installed Puradigm, the air purification technology from America to eliminate mold and bacteria and to enhance the air quality inside. We only use alkaline water for cooking and consumption purposes to promote healthier living and reducing the acidity of our food

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Lifelong Learning Institute
11 Eunos Road 8 #01-02
Singapore 408601
+65 6745 9958
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Monday to Saturday.
From 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
We are closed on Sunday and Public Holidays.